User Agreement

1.1. Internet service located on this domain (hereinafter - Service) offers its services to all visitors (hereinafter - the User) under the conditions that are the subject of this Agreement. If you disagree with any of the provisions or regulations of the Agreement, or its latest changes, or if you for some reason do not wish to continue to use the services of the Service, you must immediately terminate use of the Service and leave the site.

1.2. User agrees that the Service is designed to search for real estate, for implementation of transactions, booking or sale of these objects. Other forms of use of the Service are not supported. User Complaints caused by improper use of the Service will not be considered, and the loss resulting from improper use of the mechanisms of the Service will not be compensated.

1.3. Agreement may at any time be modified by the Service. You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for the periodic survey of terms and conditions. This Agreement and other principles of the policy of the Service, published on this site provide complete and exclusive agreement between you and the Service and govern your use of services.

1.4. User understands that use of the Service is carried out at his own risk. Service Administration, its owners, partners, and other users can not be held liable for damages or loss of data that may result from use of the Service.

1.5. Service retains all rights of ownership and use of the name and logo displayed on this site, and its trademark and software, databases, content on this site, and any other information obtained as a result of the functioning of the Service.

1.6. You, as a user confirm that you are either 18 years or older, or have legally valid consent from Your parents and guardians, are completely competent and authorized person, able to take responsibility for the regulations, conditions, obligations, claims, representations and warranties, set out in this Agreement, and be able to perform and carry out the terms of this Agreement.

1.7. The user guarantees the accuracy of the information provided in the registration and that there are no claims from third parties.

1.8. The user is responsible for safekeeping of account password, as well as the sole access to e-mail, the email specified during registration. In the absence of clear evidence of system password logs, by guessing or cracking your account, any action made with member login and password details will be considered as sophisticated network user. Claims to the Service over the acts committed by the User in their accounts, shall not be considered.

1.9. Service is not an instance, uniquely determines the eligibility criteria of real estate to the current legislation of the countries in which these facilities are located, and therefore does not accept any responsibility for the content of ads, and the possible damage from the transactions. User data may be disclosed at the official request of the competent authorities if there is sufficient evidence and reason to suspect the User's violation of laws (at the discretion of the Service).

1.10. Service has the exclusive intermediary information services. Therefore, when making a booking through our service, you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the advertised property, where you book a room. Service is acting solely as an intermediary between you and the advertised property, transmitting the details of your order at the right accommodation facility and sending you a confirmation email on behalf of the property.

1.11. Some properties or special offers can be made by a non-return rates or under certain conditions as refund in case of cancellations and may require full or partial advanced payment form the bank or by credit card, so your credit card may be pre-authorized, or the same may be debited without the possibility of return for reservations or cancellations.
Before embarking on the procedure of registration, transaction or booking, please read the specific rules and check the detailed description of the property,

1.12. Members of the Service undertake to fulfill their tax obligations in respect to the revenue system unless liabilities provided by the legislation of the State of which you are and / or from which you operate.

1.13. Service has the right to refuse service to any user in case if there is reason or unilateral decision, without further explanation.

1.14. The Service User agrees to the use of his/hers personal data.

1.15. Any other instructions and regulations that are not included in this Agreement but published on the website of the Service, may be an integral part of this Agreement to the discretion of the Service

1.16. In the case of non-compliance with the provisions of this Agreement, as well as the instructions of the Service, posted on this site, User's account may be blocked without refund.

1.17. Trouble-free operation of the server is not guaranteed. In the case of routine work, Service (if possible) shall notify the Members. Failure alerts or disruptions in the operation of the service are not made in cases where the problems are caused by reasons beyond the Service.

1.18. Any ambiguity or lack of instructions and interpretations of the provisions of this Agreement should be seen exclusively in favor of and in the interests of the Service.

1.19. You automatically agree to the terms and conditions of the Service.