Service guarantees to protect the rights and interests of clients who are conducting the real estate booking transactions! We carefully check the agents and partners that host their properties in our database, including the legal checks and, if necessary, the financial solvency of natural persons and legal entities that conclude contracts with!


Refund to the client and the assistance for the accommodation are guaranteed in the following cases:

The refund procedure should start by contacting customer service within 24 hours from the time of check-in or from the moment when the booked property was not provided. The requests will be registered by sending them to or by filling out the form below.

Guarantees and client assistance will be executed, as a rule, within 24 hours in case of cancellation of the booked property, or within 30 calendar days after reviewing other complaints. The service guarantees to refund the client with the difference between the client's advanced payment and the amount of the advanced payment for altered services.

The service shall guarantee the amount which does not exceed the amount of the advanced payment made by the client while booking the property on website. Nevertheless, provides, upon request, all available information on bookings and on the rights of property management.